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Who we are?

SENCIS specialises in the production of upholstered furniture. The company began its operation in Latgale, Līvāni, and the company has 100% Latvian capital.

The most difficult thing is not the process, on the contrary – it brings us pleasure. But to part from a chair, sofa or other great furniture item that we have created – this is something we find hard.

The reason for it is simple – everything we create receives the utmost care and love, as if we were creating it for ourselves. This is why we only breathe freely again when we know – the item we have created will end up with a competent customer, who is able to appreciate quality. And we have many such customers. Yourself included.

Let’s keep connected and create something that not only we, but also you will find hard to part from.




We believe that our mission is to bring cosiness to people’s lives – at home and at work by providing high-quality products and top-level service. Throughout their lifetime our products do not require additional effort, resources or time from the customer. Their task is to provide a positive atmosphere in the daily lives of every person.

To acquire the leading position of the supplier and manufacturer of the service (product) in the worldwide market with the help of an increasing number of customers, as well as to constantly improve the quality of products and services that we provide.




The company expands its export borders and implements a project in Scotland.


The company develops cooperation with designers and implements several projects.


Renovation and improvement of warehouse of 1200 m2. Purchase of a new forklift.


The company becomes a member of the BNI Group.


The company introduces the ERP production system “Monitor”.


The company acquires new production equipment, develops production.


The company takes part in an exhibition thanks to the ERDF project “Participation of Association “Latvian Furniture” companies at the furniture exhibition in Stockholm (Sweden)”. Export to Sweden is launched.


The company acquires the ISO 9001:2000 certificate.


The company launches export to Finland.


The company joins the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


The company moves to new premises.


Production of upholstered furniture is launched.


Company “Sencis” is founded.

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Write to sencis@sencis.lv or call +371 20371917 and find out more about the issues you are interested in. The contact form and more detailed information is available in the section “Contacts”.